PumpkinFest 2013 in Keene, NH


pumpkin fest 2013

Keene Pumpkin Fest

My First PumpkinFest-

Walking a mile to the center of downtown Keene, NH, there was excitement in the air.  Leaves covered the ground on this unseasonably warm Fall afternoon. People lined the streets, carving pumpkins and eating fried dough, cider donuts and anything else they could can get their hands on.

Kids are excited as the town provides plenty of family fun. People are dressed up in all sort of unique costumes.


irish band-boston

The Auld Locals

There were quite a few bands that setup and played at the center of Keene’s gazebo on Main St. My brother -the guitarist on the left- is in the band called The Auld Locals, played two sets during the day. They are an Irish band out of Boston, MA and play traditional Irish music. 

Here are some photos from pumpkin fest.

I wasn’t able to stay and partake in the annual lighting of the pumpkins, however, I did see that Keene was able to regain control of the Guinness World Record confirmed with a grand total of 30,581 carved and lit pumpkins. The previous record holder was set by Boston back in 2006 with a total of 30,128 pumpkins.

All in all it was a great day for the town of Keene and I had a lot of fun at my first Pumpkin Fest. I may have to make the trip down again. I can see why so many people come from all across New England for this fun event.

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A Long Weekend in New England

As the bright and vibrant colorful Autumn leaves around New England start to fall and turn to Brown, the weather gets colder and the days light is shortened.

This past weekend, the weather was cool and crisp but manageable. My fiancé and I decided to take a trip to a smokehouse and see what they had to offer. I had been hearing about this smokehouse that lives around us from a few friends. They spoke highly of them and said it’s a must visit.

Saturday morning came around and we set off on a nice adventure to the Fox Country Smokehouse in Canterbury, NH. The directions were spot on and there was plenty of easy to view signage along the way. Along the way we spotted a reindeer farm and had to stop.

We eventually got to the smokehouse and were impressed by the land they had and the view of their backyard.   Inside the smokehouse it was very small however, they had several items for sale. We ended up walking away with some smoked cheese that are amazing, bacon, kielbasa, maple jerky which was so-so and original jerky which was amazing and a must buy! PS: I don’t even like jerky. 

Sunday was my birthday and my fiancé came down with the flu so we laid low and I helped around the house while she rested.. plus I got to watch some football! I love me some Sunday football!

Monday (Columbus Day) I was driving to work and brought my camera with me (thankfully) and I forced myself to stop and take a few photos of Little Squam Lake in Holderness, NH.

Tuesday I took a walk in the woods to get some more foliage photos and I am sure glad I did. The colors were nice and hadn’t started to turn too much. Take a look below:

There is still some great color out there as it seems the trees are peaking in waves which is nice! Hurry and take your photos before October is over… November is coming soon!

November is one of my least favorite months and quite possibly my least favorite month out of the year. It’s really hard to look out at nature, trees bare with leaves all around, everything dead or dying from the bitter cold, waiting for a fresh coat of White Winter magic.

This year I am going to try really hard and look at November through a different lens. Have I been wrong about November this entire time?

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This weekend is Pumpkin Fest in Keene, NH- Come on down and help set another record!

Autumn In New England 2013

massachusetts photo

Autumn at Watatic Pond in MA.10-7-2013

The Autumn color is in full force up here in New England. This weekend I took a drive to Massachusetts and I saw some brilliant Green, Yellow, Orange and Red leaves throughout most of my trip. Early on in the season, we had some pretty weak color. Some of the trees lost their leaves early and missed the season. I have also noticed that a few of the trees I really look forward to seeing, don’t look the same as years past. The color went from 0 to 100 and skipped over the brilliance from years past. However, I have managed to view and capture some new spots that I didn’t think looked so good last year. Well, they look good this year!


All in all, this year’s foliage season has been a pretty good one. We’ve had some good weather too which makes the viewing all that more enjoyable. Have you been out and about to enjoy in the seasonal wonder?

Let us know where you have seen some great color and some of your favorite places to take photos of the foliage in the comment section below.

Till next time! 
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Cool Night and Warm Days

Wow, What a week huh? The weather in New England has been perfect lately! I don’t have any complaints -which if you know anyone from New England, we are always complaining about the weather…it’s too cold, too hot, too rainy, too nice!

Yesterday, my fiancé and I took a nice long drive up to Waterville Valley, Campton, Lincoln, NH and stopped for dinner at the North Woodstock Brewery… the place was a zoo!

Here are some photos from our trip

The color is really looking nice up in Northern/Central New Hampshire. If you have the time to get away and go for a long drive, I highly recommend doing so. Feel free to comment and let us know where you love going to see the Fall foliage this time of year.

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Great Weather and The Start of Autumn

Wow….No I am serious…. WOW! What a week of weather we just experienced here in New England. It was absolutely beautiful! If you can’t tell from my excitement, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons! I love this time of year because I get the cool nights and warm days… The best of both worlds!


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


Here are some photos I took:


That’s all for now, if you would like to purchase some prints you can do so here.

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Maine…..The Way Life Should Be- Part 2

I left off in the last post, with the sun starting  to rise above and break through the early AM clouds. We were fairly disappointed at first, because we typically don’t wake up this early on a regular basis to capture the sunrise. Thankfully, the sun God was on our side this morning.

Once the clouds broke and the sun was shining, it was one of those typical Summer morning sunrises in Maine.

If you’ve never seen a sun rise in Maine, it goes a little something like this:

portland light head

Portland Light Head

The sun rises faster every second, your body warms, yet it feels refreshing as the ocean’s breeze constantly cools the sun’s rays. The birds were chirping away, while the waves were crashing against the coast. Fisherman, leave the safety and comfort of the land to make an honest and respectable living. The smell of sand, the salt, and crispness in the air really start to sink in. There is nothing like it and I will continue to travel to Maine for as long as I am able.



Here are some more photos from the light house:

As we wandered around a little more, enjoying the beautiful sights, we decided to head back to the hotel.

Packing up and moving on:

Since we were up so early, we decided to pack up and start our drive. Now, as any traveler knows, there are two ways to do it

1. Get there fast and furious and bypass all the quaint, small, New England towns and take the highway.


2. Take your time exploring the small unique towns and all they have to offer by enjoying the narrow and windy Maine backroads.

Which way would you go? – Post in the comments.



Next stop- BoothBay Harbor (Part-3)!

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Summer Camping Trip

campfire wood

Chopping some wood



This past weekend I took a few days to get away from it all and decided to do some camping! We headed down to Lake Dennison in MA. There is nothing like getting away from technology, hanging out with people you love, enjoying some laughs and a few beers. Although I unplugged from my the internet and my phone, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a few photos while I was out there.  However, I held back the urge to take a ton of photos and decided not to take any sunset or sunrise photos. I am happy about my decision and it was nice to just be in the moment; even though there were quite a few photos to be taken.


75 and sunny

We had some great weather Saturday filled with sunny skies accompanied by a perfect temperature. It was a quintessential Summer camping trip. We spent a few hours playing bocce ball throughout the camp ground which was a ton of fun.

fire camp

Fire roaring.

The day cruised by by and we lost track of time. By the time we got back to our site, there was only one ember left in the pit. *Each year we start the weekend with one match and our goal is to keep the fire going all weekend. We almost let it go out, however, after a little -“TLC”, the fire was roaring yet again!

camping fire

camping fire

After cooking up some food, we played some cards, had some beers and lots of laughs. All and all it was a great weekend and another one for the history books!

canoe vest

Packing up

I am hoping I am able to find some time this Fall to take another trip into the woods before Winter comes, however, it all depends on plans and jobs. I know, I know, it’s a poor excuse but I do have to pay the bills.

Have any of you gone camping this Summer? Are you planning on going this Fall? If yes, tell me some of your favorite places to camp.
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Kennebunkport, Maine 2013

Last month I made a trip to the ocean with my fiancé and I started writing about it here. In turn, I actually skipped an entire day. Can you tell I’ve been busy?

I also wanted to apologize on the delayed posting of some of these photos and ones to come. I’ve been busy working on other projects and with my day job, so it’s been hard to find a free moment to write. Anyway, lets head to Maine…..

low tide

Low tide on the coast.

We arrived in Kennebunkport, Maine around 1 o’clock on Thursday afternoon. We decided to skip out on work, beat the traffic and enjoy the ride. It was a nice sunny Summer day and the roads weren’t too crowded, it was a great ride. Some people hate driving through the windy, bumpy, back roads of New England, not us, no, we love it!

One of the most exciting things about going to the ocean in the Summer is the first “sniff” of that salty ocean air! This is when Summer officially begins in my book!

waiting for help.

waiting for help.

We rolled into York,ME and I navigated us through the heavily trafficked costal roads onward to Kennebunk, ME. We were taking a chance by heading to the beach in afternoon for two reasons:

  1. It’s Summer and the beaches crowd up fast
  2. There is limited parking at this beach

Where did the water go?

Thankfully for us our gamble paid off and we were able to find a spot after doing a quick loop around. Surprised we were able to find a parking spot so quickly, we grabbed our beach gear and headed over to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the the coastal views of the Atlantic ocean.

crabs in maine

Casualty of the low tide

I decided not to bring the camera to the beach because I wanted to relax with my beautiful fiancé and be one with the moment. Sometimes, I feel we “society” get too caught with trying to post things on Facebook or record something that we don’t enjoy being in the now. Plus, it’s nice disconnecting from technology.

After laying out on the beach, eating lunch and enjoying the usually cold Atlantic ocean, we decided to walk around the area a bit.


She sells sea shells down on the bottom of the ocean.

The beach was very busy -as expected- but it was nice to walk around on this hot Summer day. We walked over to the other side of the beach and found out that there was no beach- it was ocean and in this case- it ocean floor. Low tide, had left lots of boats stranded which was cool and some what sad to see. We decided to get a closer look, which wasn’t the best idea because sandals and the muddy ocean floor don’t mix to well! Needless to say, it was tough trying to walk back through all the muck. However, I got a few good photos from a unique view.

Here are a few more photos from Kennebunk. Enjoy!

As we left Kennebunk, we decided to stop over in Kennebunkport, ME to grab some ice cream and walk around the town a bit. It’s such a great New England town and is a must see! Photos below.

That’s it for now folks. Next stop on our photo trip, Boothbay Harbor, ME! Until next time ( and I will try to make it faster than this one)!

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Maine…..The Way Life Should Be- Part 1


Stairway to the beach

I took a trip to Maine this past weekend with my fiancé and we had a great time jumping from town to town all the way up the coast… well almost all the way. I ended up taking 700 photos (don’t worry, not all of them are good). I was working without a tripod- Mainely because of my laziness (pun intended)- however, I was on vacation and it was easier to leave the tripod in the car.

ocean blues

It’s not looking too good.

The sun rises early (5ish on a day like this) and I am not typically an early riser. However, the Summer trip to Maine always gets me motivated to wake up early and (spoiler alert) I am very happy we woke up early on this day!

“Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach” -unknown

cloudy ocean

Heavy on the clouds


Light behind the clouds…there is hope!

We woke up at 4AM which would gave us plenty of time to actually wake up, go to “Dunks”, drive to the location, and wait for the sun to rise! It all worked out great, we were ready and waiting however, it didn’t seem like the sun was going to pop through the clouds… oh no!

PS: Remember reading about my last trip to Maine this Spring? If you did, you probably remember that I wasn’t quite prepared for the weather as I was in Summer mode (living inland) but I was on the coast and freezing! This time around I was prepared and didn’t need to use any of my warmer gear!

sunrise maine

Trying to break through

We got sick of waiting and decided to head over to the park near by -the name escapes me- and take some photos of the Portland Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, ME. The park was finally open and people were already there- it’s a great place to walk or run in the morning…it’s dog friendly too! (* This was our First visit to the Portland Light Head and we found a ton of spots to take photos. We can’t wait to go back!)

maine boats

Early riser

After walking around for a bit, we started taking a few photos in hopes that the sun would break through these clouds. It appears that we are going to be in luck  and hopefully it’s sooner than later!

Being on the coast is so different than living inland. There is an entirely different feel and vibe to the coastal life. We saw this boater, presumably out on the ocean nice and early to earn some honest pay the old fashioned way!

maine photos

Sunrise on the East Coast

Finally, a few moments later, the sun started  to break free from the thick clouds. Wow, what a sight! Even though I have seen hundreds of sunrises and sunsets throughout my days, each new sunrise or set is different in it’s own unique way. And there’s nothing like seeing a sunrise on the ocean!

sunrise maine

The sun doing what it does best.

I took a lot of photos with my camera and my eyes this past weekend and there were some I wish I had captured. However, in this age of social media, it’s nice to just be in the moment and enjoying life and experiencing the beauty of a seemingly lack luster sunset, that takes time to develop and blossom into an incredible sunset; and possibly the best sunset of the trip! I take these mental photos and hold them close to the heart. This is my own personal collection, one that can only be shared through words and the original video game… imagination.

I will be posting more photos soon as I find the time to go through them all!

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One with Nature

So many people leave this life desiring, wanting, and wishing they could do what they want. So many people also leave the city each weekend, escaping the “rat race” to “get away from it all” in search of a relaxing and stress free couple of days. They are trying to become one with nature.

relaxing sunset nh

One with Nature 1

Don’t get me wrong I get it, I really do. The city has a lot to offer; There are more things to do, bright and shiny lights, more jobs, and everything is close together.You don’t even need a car, except for when you want to leave and escape to the back country to try and find some peace and relax.

“Happiness is a way station between too little and too much.” ~Channing Pollock

Perhaps some people just truly love the city. I know some people that do and others that just do it for the money.


One with Nature 2

Prints are available here.

I am happy that I am able to live where I choose and do what I love on a daily basis. I would have said, “I am lucky”, however, luck didn’t have anything to do with it. I chose this life and made it work for me. Just like others choose to be in the city. I choose to live in the country.

I live a happy, modest life and I don’t go without. I am by no means rich, but that was never and will never be my goal. My goal is to be happy and I’ve already achieved it.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi



Isn’t that what life is truly all about?


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